Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MX5 hood catches


I was thinking what more could be done to the MX5 and thus went on Ebay.

A few minutes later I had brought these from Autoworks.Automotive. The description is as follows:

“Designed specifically for the Mazda MX5 models, including Mk1, Mk2 models including import roadster and Eunos Models. This is a replacement item for the original roof handle found just above the sun visors. Simply remove old black handle and replace with this item.
These are not merely chrome covers but a whole new engineered replacement part, cast out of alloy then triple chrome plated for a mirror finish. These handles are engineered to last. They are beatifically crafted and would compliment our chrome fuel cap covers and roll bars perfectly. Also can be used for the Hardtop top and side handles.
Come with new pins and cir-clips. Easy DIY fitment. Price is for the pair. Both sides.”

this is how the car looked without them. You can see now these are going to change your life so money well worth spending.

Well the old ones were simple enough to get off. You just have to make sure you do not let the circlips fly off. On each holder there are 6 to undo. Two on the outer pins and 2 on the inner pin. Once off you can see (well on mine) that they are not quite the same design. Following the instructions I peel of the old adhesive pad which then you will need to attached to the new ones with some glue. I then put on the new cups using the small circlips supplied. OK easy enough. They were however very loose fitting. So I took the small new circlips off and tried the old ones. These gave a much tighter fit. But to get them on in the first place is a right bugger. They will fit, but only just. After this I checked they locked ok and adjusted the adjuster on each catch.

And now the car is blingged.

I told you it was life changing.

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