Monday, May 21, 2012

Three Go To Scarborough


We wake up to a lovely day in Stockport. The sun is shining and whilst breakfast is being cocked I drive the car round to the front door to put the cycle carrier on the back of the car in readiness to load the luggage into the boot first.

Once the boot was full the bikes were put on followed by the new light board. A fair few buggees holding the bikes in place Alan toasts a job well done.

Say a last goodbye to the bikes and its time to get into one full car, although Zoe did point out that she’d never been in a car so loaded but not actually had nothing in the passenger compartment.

A nice drive later and we arrive at The Blue Dolphin Holiday Park in a somewhat hostile weather environment. We pull up at security who advises us where to park and where to go to get the keys. Some parked up it who the hell wants to get out of the car then? We have left the warmth of Stockport to a very very cold, dull wet
Scarborough. At least there is a pub here. We brave the cold and head to the key collection area in the showbiz room. There an excited girl tells us how lucky we are as off tomorrow there is going to be a heatwave in Scarborough. We look at each other disillusioned considering she must have taken some happy pills. She makes a point about not ringing her after 5pm at reception but to call security whom would deal with our every need after 5pm. She shows us where the caravan is on the map and we head off in search of it. We park up and before we can get anything out of the boot we need to get the bikes off.

The caravan is slightly larger than the one we saw the other day and in fact has one spare bedroom. We wonder back and forth slowly emptying the boot and fill the cupboards.

With the bikes locked to the caravan we head off to find a supermarket to get some groceries in.

Back at the caravan with the food tucked away safely, we brave the weather outside and head off over to see if we can can se the sea.

It is noticeable that whilst there is a large vast green expense at The Blue Dolphin Holiday Park there is not beach.

Plenty of wind at the very high cliff edge but no beach. Perhaps what I should say is if there is a beach you can’t see it from the very high cliff edge.

In the distance you can’t see Scarborough, well not today anyway.

We leave the area for the complex as we are off for a swim, which is followed by a visit to the bar and some games of cards.


We walk back to the caravan to make some tea still disillusioned by the weather and be it that we are going to have an indoor holiday playing board games and PS3 that I had brought along.

Inside we had dinner and board games just like I said.

This was followed by running out of gas and the caravan becoming cold quickly. As the girl instructed me I rang the security who came promptly with some more gas and after a chill setting in we were warm and toasty again.

However the Thortons Kippling was having a dramatic effect on us all especaily

Alan. It was time to say goodnight.


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