Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flights of Fancy


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Sunday afternoon we leave the comfort of the house and head over to..

Tatton Park Gardens.


We headed over there not because the weather had got better but also to see Flights of Fancy Contemporary Arts display.

And if you havn’t noticed here we are at exhibit 1. Yes its a black information box. What you cannot see is all the holes in it. And when you stand in it the wonderful effect it has of being inside outside inside.

Once we have paid to get into the garden things start to get more exciting

Alan try’s to explain to  me that when he said he had booked a luxury caravan in Scarbourgh that this is what was shown on the web site.

Erm a bit cosy for 3 people to sleep in. But no really this caravan was the second exhibit. In fact you climb inside close the door and head off into outer space.

And so we climbed in and went on a journey to outer space. It was not only very warm inside but also out of this world.

Once we were back on planet earth we headed deeper into the gardens.

Where the leaves and flowers were in full bloom

We pass the well kept house and wonderful lawn.

And walk to the next exciting display.

The empty nest.

And this is it. A big birds next in a tree, which you can climb up to.

So they did. Yo hu.

Then we walked more of the gardens (you soon get the jist of this trip)

to the next work of art giggle – The Cartland Institute of Romance Research.,

Yes this is it. Yes a van.. With an aeroplane on top.

Alan want to point out to me that this is probably one modification I should not make to my car.

I think Alan was trying to get rid of this piece of art in fact. That or take it home?

Then we walked some more.

and more and guess what

the next exciting piece and to be fair this one was good, so what was it?

an inflatable head.

Just look at the detail though.

Inspirational, or so Alan and Zoe thought.

I drag them away to find the next exciting item.

Ohh the Mars Society

which imaginary consisted of a rocket.

Very popular with the children though and hence no photo without kids.

Then off to the next art piece Point De Singe

To you and me a bridge held up with helium ballons. I liked this one.

Zoe like this one.

And then there passion. Amazing what art can do.

Yes Alan I’m lovin it as much as a MacDonald’s.

We wonder the gardens some more

And come along a crop of plants the garden are famous for.

Alan told me what they are but right now I can’t remember the latin name.

The most natural and wonderful here.


Onto the next The Dead Cat.

There it is, up there in the trees.

It takes Alans interest at first. Probably pondering why it looks nothing like a cat let alone a dead one.

It’s more like one of those fluffy mic covers.

He eventualy tires of it.

and I’m already enjoying the bluebells myself.

Around the corner the flower are in bloom.

Along with the Other Worlds I love you art display.

ooo here it is.

We have to go in.

Alan tells me its a must and I must go in.

Now to not ruin it for you should you want to go after reading this, I’m not going to show you.

And so we move onto Re-enactment for a future scenario.

And its in here this big steel container.

Quick lets get inside before anyone sees us.

Hot hot, along with a hot film inside you just get the feeling flying will never be the same.

and then its back to the gardens.

Enjoying the sculptures

The natural garden art

and the water features

We head off to see the last to art works.

unlike the other ones they are some distance away not in the walled gardened area itself.

And here it is VEX

Its meant to be a crashed flying saucer.

To me its a red nipple on your front lawn as you look out from the front windows of your house.

There something odd going on in there.

What the ??????

The the last one is a long walk away. And yes I insisted we went and saw it even though the park was closing and we might be locked in.

We walk and walk and walk and walk and walk until

we get there, otherwise it would be point less walking.

Its a bit of a plane in some woods.

And some artists are meant to be living in it. But where are they?

Well after all that excitement we wonder back to the car to see if we can still get out. And luckily we can.


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