Monday, June 04, 2012

Going Somewhere for dinner

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Yesterday me and Les planned to do something this bank holiday Monday. He’d got a new company car and he want to take his bright read Skoda Octavia Estate for a spin. Going anywhere normal would be inappropriate and so off we went….

I got the map out and choose somewhere so remote for dinner that you wouldn’t want to walk to, i think.

We hope in the Skoda and get to the M6 where I show Les where his Cruise control is. I’m never going to use it anyway he tells me…..

We have to stop to let the mornings tea out.

A few miles more on the motorway and its time to abandon it to head towards Ingleton.

No main roads from here on, in fact this was the smallest one I could find on the map to get us to somewhere. Erm not suiable for caravans. I wonder why?

We are very qucikly surrounded but wonderful Yorkshire countryside.

And a twisty road that you can’t see the end of going on and on and on into the distance.

Mind you do have to stop occasionally to open a gate or two.

I just hope Les had red the sign.

and we are off into nothingness.

Another pain in the arse gate.

We arrive in a place called Dent. Never heard of it myself but Les has. And he has for a reason. And so while here we take a slight diversion to visit the reason he has heard of it. And its because he has been here before. Well not Dent but he has been to Dent.

We drive through the cobbled streets and through the abundance of walkers, who have parked up in the huge carpark to the East of the village.

Whilst we head west for a fair few miles.

And here we are. We the turning.

You see Les has been to Dent station before. Which for those of yo who don’t know it not in Dent. In fact in my guide book it warns you that the station isn’t in Dent ad if you get off here you are in for a very very long walk. But Dent Station isn’t just known for not being in Dent.

Its also known for being the Highest Mainline Station in England. And that makes it worth visiting. If only by me and Les. There was no sod else here and no trains either.

We leave the well kept station and head well upwards.

To more bleakness towards our next destination on the way to somewhere for dinner.

And here it is just turn right after the Green Dragon Public house in Hardraw.

Yep just to please Les there’s some waterfalls here. In fact the highest water fall of some kind….

We get out of the car pay and then head by foot through a camping area.

And there it is. A dribble of water coming over a cliff edge. A bit disappointing really considering how much rain there has been lately.

In fact closer up it is even more disappointing. I await the moment to get Les to pose infront of the impressive water feature.

And there you go.

I try to make it look more impressive with a good angle.

Now most I would wander behind. But in the case of this poor effort you can see the overhang above doesn’t look good and there are a fair few fresh rocks below.

Les insists we must visit the top. And so we make our way up the steep and worryingly unsafe makeshift steeps to the top.

No risk assessment here then, just awaiting death.

At the top we find the start of the water fall, it looks like they are trying to make a bridge here. So Les decides to test it out.

I take it this means it has passed.

Its hard to see down where it starts. You have to to remember how far off the edge is to any foundations. And yes I was scared.

In fact its hard to get from these pictures just how high up you are. So here is the bottom area we where in a few minutes ago. Can’t see it. Let me use the camera zoom then….

Ah there's someone.

We make our way down a path. A path Les did not want to take as it wasn’t the same death defying one we came up. I reassured him that this way would be much safer. And at the bottom….

there was a sign for him. But what we could not work out was why is there a sign here but not on the one we went up in the first place.

To get to path we just came down you also have to cross this bridge and climb over this barrier.

We arrive at the car safe and sound.

And head off into the wilderness to get some dinner at last.

We drive and drive

heading north via buttertubes pass

The road that is meant to be Jerremy Clarkson’s favourite

personally I’ve been on loads better.

Les keeps going

And then stops. I ponder why and then get out myself.

Then I realise its to look at the sheep.

We get back in and he heads off into the hills further.

and further

past a small halmet

and more walled country road

oh joy I hear Les say.

Some walkers obviously thinking we should have took the car.

Whilst I munch on the pringles as Les is taking far too long to get to our destination.

More county lanes

More cattlegrids

more nothing

Then some excitement, a bridge

And here it is, small quaint and the excitement is all over in a blink of the eye.

Up down over, up down over.

For miles and miles

More stone walls

More nothingness and then

a decision has to be made.

There it is, thats where we are going Les right there. Can your belly feel it.

And here we are.

In nowhere, somewhere near nowhere. The mid point of some walk, a place to rest, a place to drink, a place to eat?

In fact where we have come to is Tan Hill Inn. And here we have a couple that were happy to talk to me. They were cycling from St Bee’s head to Robin Hood Bay. I knew the walk / route they were doing from being in Robin Hoods Bay the week before and seeing some people celebrating finishing it. This was their half way point which had took them a day to get to! Good god!

We head in doors. and a quick photo to explain why we have dome here. You see we have come to Britain's highest pub for dinner.

We sit down look at the menu and then I go to order.

I come back with some beers, not the one Les wanted as that was a bit too strong for the driver of the party.

And e says, “what do you mean they have stopped serving?”

Nack “Er well they stopped serving at 3pm and its now 3:34pm. She did reluctantly ask the chief and forwarned me there might be some blue language and I can confirm he doesn’t want to cook for us. Perhaps if you driven a bit faster?”

So there you go. If your a slow walker and hungry you’ll be buggered after 3pm and there truly isn’t anything else out here

We get the guide book out and look for somewhere near by that might have a pub that will do food. We decide to head to the main market town of the area called Reef.

And so in the car and along more country lanes

More bridges

More steep hills

More nothingness

Just loads of it.

Well it was a pleasant enough drive.

And we finally get here.

And just like the guide book says, Reef is a very nice place with a big Green surrounded by Pubs a cafe and a hotel.

So we drive around and then

park up.

i note a sign of most important and consider if Alan and Zoë would like to do the challenge.

We head into the most promising pub. We ask if they are doing food. They will be at six. Did they know if any of the other pubs here were. Sure enough they would not be. However the very pleasant girl advise she knew a pub that did very nice food all day and then gave us loads of directions, ended with its not that far away,

In fact she was right it wasn’t far at all the Bridge Inn

We were made welcome and sat in the bar.

Now Les like me do you want the whole menu? This looks awsome

This is their fish and chips, we boith had it.

And this was no normal Haddock and chips, good god it was soo soo nice and it came with proper yes proper handmade chips. This food was delightfull.

Yep I cold have stayed longer but Les was now worrign about the time.

Unfortunately for him they had a 3D map in the pub and I could see a route home via a high point in the moors.

And so down the lanes it was heading upwards.

Are we ever going to stop heading upwards?

And up

And down a little

and a bit more

before heading upwards once more

The road rolled around the moors, altitude ever increasing.

Until we were there. The top

Where you see forever.

Les take me home please

Which of course was down hill from here.

Through a town

with plenty of bunting

heading towards Ingleton once more

Whizzing by now still feeling like I’d never need to eat again.

Coming up was a quick pit stop.

To admire the bridge

Some famous bridge

Then back in the car and off south

where the country side ended

and the drive along the M

6 began


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