Saturday, June 02, 2012

Jubilee Saturday

Saturday night and I thought Les might have been watching the football. I gave him a call and said fancy the pub at around eight. Eight why not now? What about he football? What about the football, there's a Penkridge beer festival held in three pubs, starting in one of our favourites…

The littleton which as usual had 3 real ales on as it always does. And so we went about trying all of them each.

As you can imaging we were happy when we moved onto…

The Bridge. Now the Bridge was not the place I was expecting to be one of the pubs, but what they had done was set up a new patio area outside. It was raining though and the sofas were empty. So we had some Bire Morrtettie and gave up on the real ale memorising about times in Italy

From here we moved onto the third pub and another of my favourites The Hose and Jockey

We are back on the real ales and they are strong.

Which brings a smile to our faces. The barmaid clears the area, the chairs and I ask if she wants us to leave, but nope we are welcome to stay until 1:45am.

But at the point where you change into a grasshopper is always the time to stop drinking and go home.


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