Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lets get passionate

At one point I was unable to find any bunting whatsoever, even in the biggest Walmart around, which is when I turned my android phone on in the alise and ebayed until I found someone who would deliver next day. So to go with the 100 flags I also got about 100 meters of bunting. But that might have been a tad too much.

Yep that's right there was even enough to do the front of the house too.

Then after some time on the PC designing a graphic it was back to Walmart to get a large birthday cake for my mom with a Jubilee theme with half for the Queen and half for my mom. That was after the lady in the store got permission to do it. Copyright issues or something but it got passed and so a 25 mile journey back home, with beers, biscuits, charcoal and other goodies.

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