Saturday, July 28, 2012

Because I don’t smoke

My cigarette socket on my MX5 stopped working. Argg what a pain in the ass. Well I thought it would just be the fuse, but hello the fuses descriptions are all in Japanese. After a bit of searching books I decide on which fuse is the one and pull it. And the stereo system goes off. Obversily not blow then or not that one. I set out and pull each fuse out one by one checking which is blown. It turns out out though non of them???

A rumble through the internet forums and not much help there as my fuse box doesn’t match any others that have been put on the internet. Great. Then I try a different mutilmeter. Yay guess what, there is power there afterall. Its the socket thats knackered.

Off to Mx5 parts and the next day a new socket and lighter come.

This is the old socket a bit oxidized inside.

And so I fit it and great. Now I can use all those accessories again. Yippee.

New socket in place I can now use those accessories again, just in time for long journeys.

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