Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fitting an ARC


Its not often you see an Arc, especially with an air box, and super especially for a 1.8 MX5. So when one came up on ebay I put a stupid bid in and guess what. I was the stupidest. Some of you are going to be thinking not only is he mad but what is the arc.

So what do you get. A shiney, very light weight box to replace the plastic across pipe. This is meant to help provide a greater amount of air to the engine when y9ou decide to accelerate.

An air box with foam filter to allow free movement of air through it.

A bigger box to allow more air flow.

And that hole is where you need to mount the Mass Air Flow Sensor.

So I guess now it was time to fit it.

Here it is fitted after a load of messing around trying to get the air box in the right position. My headlamp lid with air vent should at least allow cool air to get to it.

If nothing else the shininess under bonnet bling is looking good. The M.A.F.S. wiring is worryingly close to the exhaust manifold.

And I was concerned that the box may not fit with the front strut race but it did.

Once positioned correctly I’ve put some rubber on the bonnet bracing frame where it will obviously rub on the air box when the engine is running,

And to be quiet frank whilst I have an aftermarket exhaust on I was not expecting any difference from an induction system and hence I’ve never bother fitting one. But having fitted it and taken the car out I am very surprised by the change, the car feels more fluid in wanting to accelerate. And of course to go with the exhaust noise at the rear I now have induction noise at the front. Some one get me some ear muffs. And of course this morning the first thing I did was to contacted my insurance company to advise of the modification.


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