Saturday, August 04, 2012

A Scottish Saturday


After a lovely sleep I wonder what the wheather is liker outside and what the view is from the back of the apartment.

Of course I wished I hadn't;t looked. The wheather though looked great.

We got up and had some breakfast and then got ready

to explore Edinburgh once more.

We visited the Harvey Nichols food department where we tried some pop corn flavours and I came away with source cream and chive. They were lovely

In the square outside, they were still busy building the tram line. W wandered around the corner and waited for a taxi to take us to the high town.

We were dropped off at the top of the Royal Mile were those who like whiskey went to the Whiskey shop and those that do not had a mooch around the shops enjoying the sunshine.

After exhausting oursleves it was time to sit down and eat once more.

And so we stopped at the saint Giles Cafe & Bar where I enjoyed a lovely salad and cup of tea.

My mom wanted to go to the Edinburgh Wool Mill shop, in-particular the bigger one on Prince's Street. And so we set off on a jaunt

It was nice to see they had some recognition of the Olympics up here.

Now the shop we want is at the far end of the road and the walk was getting too much for my mom.

The others had wandered off into the distance ahead, but it was time to give my mom a rest.

We sat down for a moment and let the world go by. Across the road I could spot a Starbucks and suggested that we go in there for a bit. I call Les and advise him we are in Starbucks, and that if he could continue to the shop and have a look if they have what my mom wanted in the first place.

By the time we had crossed the road, gone to the bank, I had spotted the fact that Les and the others had just entered Starbucks and would soon be thinking well where are they then?

We did however meet up and did stop and have a long drink each.

With our energy levels somewhat perked up a bit we finished the walk to the Edinburgh Wools Mill shop and my mom got what she wanted and I got a shirt.

We headed back to the appartment had some tea ad got ready for

Royal Tattoo. We got a taxi as close as we could.

And joined the crowds in the queue.

It was going to be a lovely night for the show.

The party start and I enjoyed the war drums.

But I have seen many better Royal Edinburgh Tattoos in the past.

The show drawed to an end.

The crowds left the seats

And it was time for us to slowly leave to and find a taxi. We are all so tired no one wants to stop out for a drink. Are we getting old?

It had been a lovely fine day and now I was tired.


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