Sunday, August 05, 2012

A Scottish Sunday

We wake up on Sunday, tidy the apartment and pack our bags.

Les and myself go for a walk to collect our cars, and then sit in traffic for ages. The dribble of fuel in my tank getting less and less. It does give me a moment though to get out and post a post card. We collect the others and then head out of town towards a Sainsbury's Les knows so that I can refuel. It however did not have a petrol station. Gulp. On the horizon I spot yet another Morrison's and so head there. My point card must be doing well. I rejoin Les and then about 5 miles later he stops for fuel at a Tesco????

We don’t take the obvious route home, instead LEs takes us some wild natural and very wet route.

Where the road turns into a river and then back to a road aging. Much more pleasant though than the usual route.

We make a pit stop for the toilet and then head further east, the weather improved enough now to have the top down for a while.

Eventually he stops in a car park.

We are here the Grey Mare’s Trail and The Roaring Linn waterfall.

For some reason Les thinks I’m going to take the high path?

He was so wrong. I may want to see the waterfall but I don’t want to walk for an hour and half to see it slightly better.

As you can see the view we got was alright from the low path

Of course though its always nicer to get nearer.

Not with the zoom lens though.

So I take a video before I consider getting closer.

So we read the sign on the barrier and clamber around it. Safety in numbers and all that.

So a barrier is not going to stop us but

A missing bridge is and there was no way round this. I did most definitely look but considered my life more valuable.

And so a zoom with Lens would have to do.

Smile for the camera.

It was time to retrace our footsteps

Clamber back round the barrier and get back to the car.

And so we left in the direction of Moffat where I stopped to refuel before getting on the motorway and heading south. We stopped at Teebay for dinner and mooched onto home for about 9pm. It had been a lovely weekend away.


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