Friday, August 03, 2012

Enjoying Scotland

We awake for breakfast after a refreshing and powerful shower. The sun is out and it looks like it may well stay nice all day.

We enter the lounge for breakfast wandering what we will be given. And the first thing was a menu followed by a drink of our choice. The menu selection looked good, so I ordered the highland breakfast. In fact we all did if in different tunes.

The atmosphere was nice as if I was on a proper long holiday.

Breakfast came all nicely balanced on top of each other for Les anyway.

Charming and yummy he thought no doubt.

In fact the breakfast was most delicious. It was so tasty, no cheap products here.

Unfortunately it was time to pack the bags and leave.

And so Les car was loaded to the brim.

I strolled over to mine and decided to take the roof down. It would be a sin not to here.

We went for a slow drive to the end of the peninsula to see if there was anything to see.

Glorious countryside of course

We drove by the Loch side, through agate and on

The morning was a true gem.

Eventualy we came to the end of the road and had to park up.

Driving any further would mean one thing, getting wet!

And so we exercised our legs.

LEs headed up a mound to take a look at the views. You have got to come up here.

And so I did.

He was right the views went on for miles.


Unlike that road that is.

Whilst the others roamed around me and Les enjoyed the morning breeze at attitude.

Paradise in a way I guess but it could become dull.

Les was considering swimming the loch to the island across the waters.

Eventually we stumbled down to planet earth.

And had a wander to the end of the jetty.

The water looked so inviting that

Les decided he must check it out to see if it was cold or not.

He scrabbled over the rocks

Kneeled over, put his hand in it

And shouted back yep it might cold.

All he had to do now was find a way back up.

You didn’t think of that did you?

My mom was also enjoying the tranquillity of it all.

And I found a 2 room house I could afford.

It even had local plants growing in its garden.

It was time to leave though and find something else to see.

Back through the gate

And south to Kilmartin.

Here there are meant to be some interesting stones to see.

They are hidden in the church grounds.

See they are here some where.

We check the ones inside the church first.

And then the ones located in a temple in the church yard.

These are really really ainchant.

But wait for it there are more.

Located in the graveyard there are yet more.

After that thrilling episode we leave.

From here we head north along Loch Awe. I give my brother the map and advise him we are to stop at the two castles and a water fall. Eventually I stop after some time and question him where we are. It would appear apparently be that we had passed the two castles a long time ago. I wish he would learn to read a map. Its not hard.  Luckily we are by the waterfall. We park up and get out.

There is a man doing some works, so we ask him about the waterfall, he tells us where it is, but looks at us and says that dressed like that we will be eaten alive. A cannibal tribe in the area one ponders? We head off.

WE find the gate he mentioned. And the trail to where the water fall is obviously not used very often if at all.

We find the river but the waterfall is some distance away up hill. The path is well non existent. My brother disappears here. Perhaps he has been eaten!

We find the waterfall.

I know how exciting.

The thing is

We didn’t realise how far we had walked or how high up either,

And so we plodded are way back down, a much easier route I may add.

And plodded and plodded getting wetter and wetter feet.

And so we arrive back at the cars, we find my brother hasn’t been eat and is back here having missed the waterfall experience. We get in and drive down the road. And stop

Guess what Les saw next to the roadside.

Yep another waterfall.

Now this is more like it.

We drive off now nearing the north side of the Loch. Whilst we are in the area though there is one more place of interest to see.

Following some handwaving for indication and a very narrow and bad road where I scrapped the bottom of my car so so often we arrive at nearly the top of a hill.

We have come to see this – the thing on the hill.

I’m sure it will be worth it when I get there.

Its a nice gently climb up there.

And when you get there you find this.

A monument to someone called Duncan Ban Macintyre.

But the true poetry is the views again all around.

I have no doubt this will remain for as long as anyone can imagine.

But the views up here are to die for.

No I’m not coming down. Eventually though I do and we head south towards Glasgow.

The first place we come to of any size, is Tyndrum and they have a petrol station so I pull in, in the hope of fuses. I park up, walk in and feel confident about finding some. After all they seem to have an Aldins cave here. You could get anything you ever needed to survive in the outback. I even found the car accessories area. Everything you want apart from bulbs and fuses that is. Eventually I found the bulbs tucked away and along with them fuses. Now would they have the mini type? Erm yes they do but but only small rated fuses! Hell if the 10amp one blew this is’nt looking good. So I brought to boxes at the highly inflatted prices they had.

Whilst I got the indicators working the others enjoyed a burger at the Real Food Cafe. Amazingly with the fused swapped for 7.5 amp one they seem to work. We eat up and drive south.

Do you remember that watefall we past on the way up yesterday? Well we stop off to find it, park up in the car park park set out for it and get on our feet.

We find the river once more and follow it upwards.

And look. Look at it.

Les this is far better than that waterfall you took us to yesterday. Well worth stopping.

Erm the water is cold.

I even took a video of this one for you to enjoy.

We wobble back to the cars and head south. Just before Glasgow the air temperature drops the clouds are above us and I make a quick pit stop to put the roof up. Just in time too. The heavens open big style and we are driving along a river for some time. Notable Les didn’t think I would stop and put the roof up and disappeared into the distance, eventually stopping.

And before you know it the rain stops!

A few hours later we are at Morrison's in Leith Edinburgh, getting some food for dinner and the weekend.

We then navigate the no access signs to get to the apartment we have hired due to all the roadwork's around.  We unload the cars and then go for a quick mystery tour to find the railway station car park to leave the cars in.

A few hours later dinner is served. We are all to knackered to go out and so have an early night!


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