Thursday, August 02, 2012

Its grim up north but if you keep going you’ll find Scotland


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We get up and put the living room bed away.

Robert tries it out not because he is lazy but to ensure it is put away correctly. He does his best not to sink into the middle.

It is breakfast time and so we go for a wander in the sun to the cafe up the road. There are two to choice from and I suggest the Majestic across road which we can sit outside.

We order up and then sit outside enjoy our tea and

having a read of the paper. Breakfast comes and is lovely. This is certainly the life.

As we wander back I tell Les I’ll just go and fill up the fuel tank at the Esso filling station up the road. I filled the green mean machine up and it cost £19 to get to Blackpool from Stafford. Hopefully now we should make it to Glasgow before having to refuel, maybe..

And so it is time to leave Blackpool. Before we do though I have to wash the windscreen from all the tree sap that has got onto it all night. The washing up liquid I used though dried on the motorway and went grey, so I washed the windows. Being they were no so dry the one blade and arm then failed and I had to slow down and get off the motorway to fix it! I put the blade back on and put the linkage back on the ball joint. Fingers crossed it won’t pop off again. It never has in the past but with the sudden bursts of heavy rain its not something I want to reoccur.

We meet up back with Les at Teebay services where we stop for a drink and a huge hot dog.

We sit outside with the ducks whom also seem very keen on the hotdogs to.

We head off north bound through what is now lovely countryside on both sides of the M6. We pass through Glasgow and onto Dumbarton where we stop at Morrisions for a bit to eat in their cafe, some CD’s for Les, and to fill the cars with fuel, mine requiring a full fill up here.

From here on though it is roof down to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

We continue to follow Les, as he knows where he is going.

We are heading towards some waterfall he wants to see on the way.

And while the sky was bright and blue some of the stretches of road were not as the water was finding its way across the roads to the loch.

Needles to say this is driving at its best

Through lovely stretches of road in the Scottish country side.

As we went around a bend another car in the opposite direction hit a big puddle through it up and I though hell we are going to get so wet. Fortunate in the timing though and it hit the bonnet and screen leaving it so I could not see where we were going and besides I’d ducked from the water that was heading our way. A flick of the wipers and we could see that we were now in the centre of the road.

Les suddenly decides he wants to do a U-turn as he thinks he might have missed where the waterfall was. We turn around and then head of down a track.

We park up in a gravelled area.

Are you sure its over there Les. I can here water but I can’t see no river.

He takes us on a walk of discovery, well one hopes anyway.

He looks and looks for that river.

I do hope he finds it before that cloud comes over to us I think.

Here it is. Come on down here.

Am I looking at a waterfall?

This is it Les? This is what you have made us walk to?

Yes this is it.

Wonder great amazing. You don’t have to thank me you know for finding these great falls in nowhere you know.

I'm so excited about it all I have to have a leak.

I zoom in with my camera and try and make it look good.

Les can’t take anymore excitement and wanders off.

We take the short walk back to the cars.

From here on Les lets me lead. And within a few minutes we pass a sign which indicates I guess the actual watefall Les want to take us to see. Needless to say time is passing by and so do we. We enjoy the rest of the afternoon zooming through some wonderful countryside towards Oban.

Which is ok until we arrive at Tyndrum. Here Les disappears from the rear view mirror. So I pull up. Park behind a broken down car and put my hazard lights on. Erm they not come on. I try my indicators. Odd they are ticking but not working either. Great I thought. Well from here on its hand signals. But will anybody else know why I’m flapping my hands around outside of the car? Les turns up and advises my parents wanted to go the toilets and hence stopped. I tell him about the indicators and like me thought well thats going to be interesting when we get to Edinburgh.

Skis a lovely shade of blue and the sun beating down.

I even had to put my cap on.

We hit Oban right on rush hour. If you could call it rush hour that is.

And of all the photos of Oban this is the best one my brother took. Looked nice enough though.

After another hour of every increasingly twisty roads we arrive in nowhere and pull up to our The hotel Galley of Lorn Inn in Ardfern.

We arrive check in and unlike most places

are shown to our rooms, which look most inviting.


Even the room without a window, which we had booked for my brother as he likes dark rooms.

And go to my car remove the fuse box cover, all in Japanese of course and slowly go through pulling out each fuse one by one to see if any of them had blow. I eventually found one, a 10amp mini blade. Now to ensure I had the most luggage room possible I took all my spare fuses and bulbs out along with everything else. LEs even had my spare wheel in his boot. So I had to wait to see if there would be any available from a garage tomorrow. We get changed and then out to the beer garden.

And have a couple of Ales

Whilst enjoying the view.

Eventually my parents appear to join us for a drink too.

The evening could not be anymore perfect.

Eventually though it was time to eat.

And so we went into the restaurant area.

Decisions had to be made on what to eat.

Whilst looking out at the view still.

So pleasant.

Well my mom enjoyed her meal

And the small selection of Ales was good too.

And it was good to see my mom so happy and content.

Les went for the McDonalds option

And I went to Pork belly which was not just a very good cut but cooked to perfection too.


And so do you want any desserts.

Well Les could not resist.

And neither could I.

I had the cheese board with my Ale.

Whilst Les had some alcoholic coffee.

With darkness falling I went outside to enjoy the view and fresh air for a moment,

It had gone cold though.

The air was still

We could have gone into the bar and enjoyed the band that was on. But it was all too noisy for my mom. So we sat in the seating area and relaxed the night away.

Enjoying a beer or two

Before heading to bed.


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