Friday, July 27, 2012

Let The Games Begin


Friday night and the 2012 Olympic games begin in Britain. We all watch eagerly in diss-belief that they even managed to build the Olympic village in time yet even be ready for the opening ceremony. Surely it would be pants compared to the Olympic beginning ceremony.

And it started in a wired and wonderful English way.

All green and nice unlike London itself.

Then the bell was rang

And Mr Bond sprang into action

To go and collect the Queen, weather she wanted to come or not.

She put a brave face on and headed off with Mr Bond.

The ceremony waited in baited breath whether she or Beckham would take the main seat.

And then our loyal Queen appeared and took her seat, the weather being so much nice than on her birthday surely this would make a nice night out.

The flag was raised.

Hymns were sung, the sports , music and comedy heroes were brought out

The pantomine had started without a hitch

The history of the Great British Olympics began.

And the Queen thought on sod it, the Common Wealth Games budget must be increased to out do this tosh….


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