Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mosley Old Hall

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After a lovely breakfast, Alan, Zoe and myself head off to Moseley Old Hall. It one of those places so close to where you live that I’ve never actually been.

We have a tour around the house, by an enthusiastic tour guide. We are shown the secret hiding place, which must be after all these years the least secret hiding place in the world.

After which you are free to wander around again for as long as you want.

Oh course this is all very hungery work. So we stop off at the cafe

And have some scones. They also have a second hand book shop where I get a book on how to learn to snowboard.

It is time to leave as Alan and Zoe have to go back up north.

And so I wave Zoe off on her longest drive yet wandering when I will see them again. It was within 10 minutes.


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