Wednesday, August 01, 2012

To the land of the Tower

Wednesday night I left work and headed up the M6 in torrential rain where the motorway turns to a river. In my little green machine this is quiet hair-raising. I pick my brother up from Stafford, fill the car at the worlds cheapest Esso station, head north through the town and back onto the wet wet wet M6.

Some time later we arrive in a very sunny Blackpool and park up to where Les has parked many hours previously.

Which made me ponder…..

Did he do it???

Les says we are going for fish and chips for tea and we climb in the car driving around and around the back streets saying its round here somewhere.

What I didn’t get was we weren’t going for fish and chips, but where going to The Cottage for Fish and Chips.

To sit in and enjoy fish and chips at one of the worlds most famous establishments, where many many many celebrates have been to eat fish and chips over the many many years.

Even better was they even served beer, which was so nice after that long wet drive.

Then it was time for Les to be Cheekie and we all went to bed….

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