Monday, September 24, 2012

PS2 and a bit Retro gamine SSX

Okay so we all know I like snowboarding. I love it. And I like a quick fix on the telly, of snowboarding that is. And so here we have SSX, can’t say I ever had this apart from on the PS1. So was it any good? yeah it was and still is. Grass roots and all that still very playable.

This game I used to have and hell I’m as good as this as snowboarding in real life. Top marks and set the standard.

That was until I played this. Crisper cleaner tighter better. Top marks wish I’d brought it all those years back.

Which brings me to this SSX on the PS3. Just got it and well was it going to be as exciting as the rest. Well graphically amazing as most PS3 games are. But addictive as the above PS2 game. Nope sorry you missed the whole Ideal of snowboarding. Something can’t be bettered as time moves on.


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