Friday, September 28, 2012

Super Slim

Well the next PS3 is here. So lets all go out and buy it. Wait a moment the actual price tag isn’t any slimmer though?!? And whilst the machine is now old the games that are still coming out just get better and better. One ponders if the life span of the machine will outlast its technology unlike the machines of the past. No doubt fashion and keeping up with he Jones’s though will force a PS4. But will there be any point doing a technology jump. And with any, jump miniaturising technology seeing a smaller PS3 is no surprise keeping manufacture, transportation cost down. To me visually the Original FAT PS3 is a work of art. The slim needed for technology reasons and to keep up with the deaths of all the original FATS. And of course to help the world in combating power consumption. For some they will still moan about the lack of PS2 compatibly, but personally its just not needed. The FAT didn’t play all the games anyway and a PS2 is 20 quid on ebay. I will be keeping my art deco PS3 FAT for as long as it gives a heart beat. In the mean time I’ll be playing my slim till it dies or the PS4 comes out, after all I don’t want the jones to outdo me do I?

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