Friday, September 28, 2012

The winter tyre that isn’t

I decided it was time to swap the front tyres, with the wetter weather setting in. On the fronts I had the very very long lasting Michelin’s Pilots on. And being a Goodyear tyre fan I was looking around for what was available. On the rear I have the Goodyear efficiency grip. However there is now a new type of tyre you can buy, an All Season Tyre which is not only suitable for summer but is now also winter rated complete with the snowflake symbol to indicate this.

The Goodyear Vector 4 season seems to have great reviews and a wear rate the same as the the efficiency grip. To boot though they will be able to cope with snow here and in the Alpes on those holiday occasions.

For most people here in the UK though you won’t find them at a roadside retailer. Nope they are imported only from places such as which is where I got mine from. Booked them they came with in a few days and then I had them fitted at a local garage. Thumbs up service which was faultless. Although my wallet is now some £260 quid lighter……


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