Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blastin or driving from the past

Here is the first of the driving games to be played Ford Racing 3. Wow what a surprise with the good graphics, all smooth, nice game play and driving dynamics. Like it a thumbs up – a classic for the collection.

Burnout 2, wow wow wow wow, I can see someone is proud of what they produced. Magnificent. Straight in the collectors pile.

Burnout 3, what can I say, this shows just what you can do with a PS2 if you try. Great graphics, fast smooth and lovely action throughout. Yep thumbs up for this game too and deserves to be in the collection.

Wow stunning, can a PS2 really do this. Top notch and plays well too. A true classic.

This game is as much fun as sucking your own big toe. What did the programmer do when they had finished it and placed the disc on his bosses desk. Jump through the nearest window. I might just put it straight in the bin. I just wished the programmers boss had done the same thing all those years ago.

GT Africa has ok graphics, which move nicely. Goodish gameplay. Not great but not bad either.

GT Racers belongs well in the bin. Fast moving graphics but hay it doesn’t feel like you have any control  or feedback from the car. Pants, rubbish disgraceful.

A cute fun game that's well really enjoyable. Thumbs up and into the collection it goes.


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