Saturday, October 20, 2012

Changing plans

From having dinner with my mom, getting home a little later than expected, Alan and Zoe asking me along to some Depeche Mode Tribute gig, a text form the snowboard club and the M6 north being at a stand still, I give up heading to the Chill Factore and head direct to Alan and Zoe’s. I nip in their house and then we nip into a taxi to be spun around the block times so as usual I’m disorientated about where we are. Nether the less we have tea in a church. Zoe goes for a larger tea than me. A double burger which she then makes into a single burger, and prods away at the second one?? A couple of games of pool later we are in another church awaiting for the first band to play.


A young band called No Hot Ashes. and there one awesome drummer with this band. An enjoyable set throughout and I was hoping for some more of this.

Zoe in her wonderful way manages to blag a CD off them.

We await the next band and enjoy the shared toilets.

The second band called something like all the way around. Was well stiff. A stiff drink wouldn’t help. The only person on the stage that came over as wanting to be there was the lead singer. As Alan put it, how many guitarists does it take to give that monotone sound? This bands set went on and on.

The second band disappeared off stage and the atmosphere ignited and the excited crowd awaited the Naughtiest.

I can see the Naughtiest are well loved by some including Alan and Zoe, but they are no DM tribute. Somehow I think I’ve been brought along under false prentices.

And when the bands had long finished playing we where still enjoying the atmosphere if not the drinks we were drinking. We eventually at some point went back to Alan and Zoƫ's, drank Dry Martini and Dr Pepper and eat pizzas that seemed to be magically delivered whilst our eyes spun whilst playing pixel junk racers until 4 am ish.

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