Sunday, October 21, 2012

The one thirty slot

In Zoe’s wonderful wisdom she some how thought that after staying up until 4am I would be awake in time to have breakfast and dinner by 1:30pm. Someone did suggest I should get out of bed, and I did have a refreshing cup of tea. We strolled down the road to the Blossoms where we were to be genie pigs for there new Sunday Roast dinners they were now doing, along with meeting Judith and Alan, a couple whom the last time I meat were wandering around near the shops with a brass coffee table. It took a while for the food to be served but once it was it was a mighty fine meal, followed by a half price dessert due to the wait we had encountered. Not that, that had mattered as Judith and Alan were real intresting people to listen to. Alan Jones however must have thought otherwise at one point. Fuelled up a some hors later we walked round to Zoe’s sisters before heading back to onetufive to watch T-bag and T-shirt.

Some how I found the energy to head off slightly earlier than usual throwing the snowboard into the car and heading to my favourite fridge (the one without beer a;although there are plenty of places here you can get some). The enjoying of the frostie air, and my freshly sharped board meant I was a slick menace, trying to get as many runs in on the slopes for that hour. I leave tired and wiry hopeing the journey home will be an easy one.

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