Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bring Back Michael fish

There's not often I seem to get a whole day to play on the PS3 but this weekend the weather men and women seem to think we are getting 15 hours of torrential rain. I look outside and ponder bring back Michael Fish. And so I get to play the Ballads of Gay Tony. Which I point out I’m not good at.

I get stuck at one particular point which when my brother comes round I let him have a go and head off for a drink. By the time I’m back the place I’m stuck atfor hours on end he has done in minutes. He promptly points out there is an auto aim button. What??? And suddenly the whole game is so much simpler. And so I go for a sail on a luxury yacht.

A helicopter ride around the statue of Liberty

And get ready to jump off the tallest building.

with a parachute of course.

Now here to more of the story as it unfolds.


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