Friday, November 16, 2012


Friday night we headed to Chester for the Weekend to mark Fatboys 40th Birthday. We arrived at the Dean hotel at about 8pm, checked into our deluxe rooms and got changed. Having stayed here before deluxe rooms seem to be smaller, but recently decorated. From the Dean Hotel we got a cab to near the railway station so we could go into the Kash Bar.

Here we were very happy drinking the Blue Ball Brewery’s brews. My favourite however Spank was not yet on tap and was in the queue to be on next. So for the majority of the time I drank my next favourite Blonde Bombshell.

Time flew by and it was time to head over to the other side of town to La Tasca to have dinner and meet Sarah and Gary. When they turned up they stayed for 10 minutes with Gaz wanting to head straight to bed.

He left us with some voucher for 3 for 2. Having never been to La Tasca before I wasn’t sure what we were going to get. In fact none of us were. The waitress tried to be helpful as she could, I eventually commented your not listening to me. You can have all those in the set menu and the ones you’ve choosen and 2 more and it will be cheaper. The voucher entitles you to 3 for 2 for every 3rd dish you select. Oh my we did order, and off she went grinning and giggling.

The dishes came and the table for six was filled. Luckily there was only the four of us otherwise there wouldn’t have been enough space. I whilst it looked liked we had ordered the whole menu it ended up being just enough. And when I say that I was full and no way I was going to fit any dessert in. In fact we called it a night got a taxi and headed to the hotel. Once there we decided that we would go to the bar. Oddly although there was someone standing behind the bar they pronounced it was closed! Mind my brother now had half and undecorated Christmas tree in his hand and the truth of it was none of us needed another drink. So we all just swayed to bed…..thankgod.


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