Saturday, November 24, 2012

Coven’s Forth Beer Festival

It was that time of year again, yes time for the Forth Coven Beer Festival

Kind of Sub dubbed compared to most years, now where near as many beers or people for that matter. Perhaps they where all busy at home build arks.

Whilst we sit there I read the beers news. And shock horror the Lady Wulfruna has put in to change the name of the pub to wait for , wait for it, The Goose. Well who would have ever though that then?

The band come on and once more we enjoy the spender of Whalebones tunes


After two bags of Scratchins Greenie anounces I know when I’ve had enough, now whats next?

The beer tasting continues for some time.

Until Greenie anounces I’ve had enough now, as he smiles at us all nicely.

The band tries to make some announcement of the best beer.

Which obvously he has had far too much of.

And us, well we tried all the beer but one that was on.

And finally it was time to say good night and face the storm that had been forcast.


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