Friday, November 02, 2012


Having looked into the fridge the night before I knew there was nothing for breakfast other than Pizza. Being it being this Friday I was getting a lift in from work so I could go straight out from work. This also meant I would get to the canteen at work in time to have a breakfast. It even came as a smiley face. When dinner time came there was no need for it apart from a banana.

From work we went to the Swan & Mitre for some Brew XI, a quick chu chu to New street and then into the Shakespare a Japuri. From there the Briary Rose for a couple of Iron Brews of the bitter sort, this beer wasn’t a golden orange. Here we order food. I consider if I want a burger and chips with a carling or Natchos. In the need I plumb for nachos and when the enormous plate for them comes I ponder if this mean I’ll be able stay out even longer without passing out. We head across the road to go to Bakers, ow closed and so end up in another of my favourites the Old Joint Stock where I enjoy a couple of Fuller’s ESB and a Marks Man I think. My Android app was not telling me the train times so at 11pm I called it a day to find a train and not leaving it until the last one at 12:30ish. And so I head to the station finding that due to the refurbishment the main entrance from New Street is closed and I need to walk all the way round to the road entrance. Once in I get a ticket from the nice man and ask which platform it is on. He tells me he doesn’t know and to keep and eye out on the board. So I go over to the board and it says platform 9b. Odd I thought and went on down to join the crowded platform. A few minutes pass by until there is an announcement all people on platform 9B please go to 4C. And off we all go. I hang back to not get sucked into the rushing crowd, as if the train will go without us.  I follow on behind and when on the platform I stand and wait. And then I consider where has everyone disappeared to? As I look around this is clearly platform 9B and not 9C. So where the hell is 9C then? A quick dash around the corner confirms where 9C is and there is a full train just about to leave, I scarper on board and sit down on the train that has obviously got some Ganja lovers on it. I get off at Wolvo and consider the fact that there must be 25 taxis at the and rank or where to go to Jivans for a Midnight snack. And so off I walk, passed the Albert and next to that the taxi rank must have 10 taxis waiting in it. I go in to Jivans and get the usual warm welcome only tonight I do not have a curry to their surprise. Once my belly is overfull, I wonder back to the Albert but no taxi’s there dam it and so back to the station I go where luckily there is still a huge que probably waiting for the last train to pull in. I get in a black box with five wheels and head on home.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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