Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quiet weekend in

I was having a quiet weekend in, not spending any more dough and waiting for Chester next weekend.

Boredom finally got to me and I have now booked a 2nd Snowboarding holiday to the Sybelles skid area in France.

Noted as being the 4th largest area to ski in France by its own website, yet it would appear Ski France disagree and its something like the 6th with some 310Km of Ski area fully linked.

I had been considering this for 2 months now trying to choose where to stay, either Saint Sorlin D’Arves, Le Corbier or La Toussuire. None of them are supported by the tour operators now part from Peak Retreats for Saint Sorlin D’Arves. After much reading of reviews mainly thanks to Google Chromes translator I have booked somewhere in La Toussuire which appears to be right next to the lifts.  This I understand will be a French experience resort, so I will have to practice my rubbish French somewhat.

So thats one shed of money of agreed to pay. Great for a quiet weekend in, although now I’m buzzing with excitement of getting to the white stuff (if it snows) and also going somewhere new to explore.


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