Friday, November 30, 2012

The Plaza

While it was nice and cold in the center of England as I headed north Alan was right that it was thick soup foggy. Bye the time I got to Stoke the fog had fallen and the M^ traffic had stopped. I called ahead to say I would be late. I got off the motorway and plodded through the fog towards Stockport. I arrived at Alan and Zoes and parked up. Called a taxi and awaited outside their house in the bitting cold for it to come. And before you knew it was here. To the Plaza please, where you from he mutttered. Well I never I’ve just come from the station to drop a guy off who’s heading to Wolverhampton. Before you know it we are outside the Plaza and I’m heading over to an eldery doorman and asking if he has my ticket. Are you Mack he says? I'm not sure if he is testing me and correct him. Then yes I have your ticket. I’m directed to the stairs where Alan appears, leads me through the finest dinning room, where he goes to the bar whilst I go to empty my very now full bladder.

It was wonderous to once more experience the beautiful splendour of the Plaza and settle in my sprung seat to enjoy the black and white film of Scrooge with an Old Tom. Once we had enjoyed the film we walked across the town in the icy cold to the Railway Tavern, a part of town I had only ever been to once before, to eat at the Frankie and Bennies with my mom one dinner time. Before you knew it time was called and we headed out to walk home via a curry house. Can you believe it though whilst the curry house was open it was also closed! So we headed back to the house, collected my bag out of the car, went into the warmth and order a curry to be delivered. A few hours later it was delivered but well worth the wait. We watch some of his and hers and them climbed into bed.

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