Sunday, November 04, 2012

VAG’s money spinner

The ultra sonics on the Skoda Superb are one of the worst parts of the car. They are useless, and never last long. And here we have a new for the pricey sum of £102.00. Considering you can get a whole system of ultrasonic to retro fit your car for £15 you would have expected them to be much better engineered. Then you need to question why of the whole VAG range only the Skoda Superb uses the part 3U0919275B

So this is what you get in that plastic bag. A card box with the plastic sensor in it. Do you feel robbed?

Here is the mystic devise close up.

Here is where the sensor is hidden in the bumper with its connecting wire. Looks easy to get out but in fact I shoved my camer phone through a whole and took the picture.

To take it out of the holder you need to flick with your nail a flap at o degrees and 180 degrees. Well on mine. Some of these have clips on them but mine does not.

Then plug the plug off the holder. To do this I used a flat blade screwdriver to get the plug clip to go over the lug. You may think this is all easy to do, but remember this is all done by feel with your hand (and only one!) up some whole. You could of course take the bumper off!

And to prove you can get them out here we are. The old one and new one together the new one at the bottom.


You can never get to many views of them.

Worryingly the new item is made in Italy. Just like all the best engineer things!

Some redesigning has been done at some point.

The one thing that has definitely changed is the rubber at the end. Does this new rubber keep the moisture out better?

When they are replaced though you cannot tell. Now lets select reverse gear and see if they are working again.



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