Friday, December 21, 2012

A Jollie good time

After a hefty breakfast we worked until 2pm when we were set free. And so off to the Swan and Mitre we went.

Where we played some killer, drank some Brew XI and get merry.

Things got out of hand and the bar lady came out and said “have some god dam respect”, to the naughty school kids. I don’t know how many we sunk here but when we left it was 7pm!

We got our things together and went to the station to head to Brum Central.

Were we played on the train sit by a stranger. Tezza hoped there would be more like this girl in town. I’m not sure how good he was focusing at this point but she sure wasn’t interested.

A few hours past and I didn’t use my camera at all, we went to the Shakespeare and then the Briyrose, until that was I went to the bar, 3 Carling’s, 2 Guiness and what he wants. Is he with you? Yes, We're not not serving him. Okay 3 Carling and 2 Guinness then and a pint of such for me. No we not going to serve you either. Eh Great. Well for me the night ended there and probably for the best. Off I went to the station, found the chap who gives me cheap tickets and headed of to find a VirGin express to Paradise.

Decisions, Decisions and I decided as I was going to Jivans tomorrow night I would try not to go in tonight. I have a bad feeling I’m going to have a sore head….


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