Saturday, December 01, 2012

Cocktails & Dreams

Saturday and at some point we get up and have some cheese on toast. Zoe wants to go to the Jellyfish Rooms in Chorlton, Alan wants to go to the post office and Zoe wants to go to Home Bargain the Edgeley. We dropped Alan off at the post office, which the week before had rudely closed just as he had got tot the desk after waiting for so long. Luckily he said the queue was so much shorter this week. Mean while me and Zoe headed to Home Bargains. Me and Zoe scowered home the store and the ones around, when Alan appeared after some exercise to meet us. From here we headed to Chorlton, as in Chorlton and the Wheelies. We parked up and headed to the Four Banks. No one seemed to know where the Jellyfish rooms were which was good as it meant we popped into a chocolate indulgence shop and had a real hot chocolate each. Using dark chocolate of course so that it was not fattening.

We found the Jelly Fish rooms, had some glue wine and stew and sat in the refreshing cool air. Whilst we were in the area Alan and Zoe wanted to go to the Unicorn, a supermarket that was only filled with good things, notably toliet rolls and beer and bombay mix.

Once home it was time to get ready and spruce ourselves up. Gorgie and Simon arrived and it was time

to head over to Matts for the cocktail party. There was certainly enough fruit. George set about the cocktails whilst Matt and Rosie sorted out the declivous food. Nothing was wasted apart from the guest.

Zoe arranged a quiz which notably me and Jerds got 14 out of 41 right, and then we played Pissed Artist until 4am, which came round so quick it was unbelievable. It was one great night with some great food, great company, roll on the good times, Cheer Matt and Rosie.


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