Friday, December 14, 2012

Goodbye Farwell and Pop Up

Friday and two lad from work are leaving, so some of us go out for a couple of beers after work. I set a 4 pint limit and by 6:30pm we are on number 3 and in the pub down the bottom of the road from where we work still. We get a train into the centre of Brum, and head off into the Bryor Rose. A couple in here and then to the Wellington, a pub I’d never been in before, red and very rammed. Meet a couple who Mike know, we he knows the bloke the German girl is however the girl from Porsche who designed the pop up back wing that comes up at 80 mph. I tell her it was a brilliant idea and they should all have them. From here we head to the Old Joint Stock, as we wander around from the back door of the Wellington to the front door of the Old Joint Stock we seem to have lost 2 of the group. We hang a round for a while but they are not to be seen. I have to go in for pee, and the bouncer on the door lets me in. I charge off to the back of the pub where the toilets are located. On my way back the two that are missing are at the bar with a pint each. I look round and ask where the others are. We haven't seen them? But there outside the front door waiting for you. Ah we came in the back door. A back door? Yes. So I go to get the others. Now the bouncer won’t let them in. So I go back in to get the other two. They tell me know bouncer at the back door. And so to the front door I go. Come on then lets go to the next pub. Hold n which pub are you taking us to. A pub round the corner. Now I didn’t wan to make it obvious what was going on but there was some reluctance to follow me until I made it unclear about where we were going. Two minutes later and we are in with beer in our hands.

Way too many beers later it is time to catch a VirGin express back to Wolvo. And we all knows what happens here…

Well I just could not stop myself from going to Jivans. I think the waitress could hear though that one Cobra was more than enough. Goodbye Farwell and goodluck for those that know…..


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