Sunday, December 02, 2012

Is It Big Enough

The next morning came well too quickly and this is how I felt. We played some Little Big Planet 2 whilst eating bacon and egg sandwiches

George and Simon left to do things whilst we headed over to Notcuffs to look for a Xmas tree with Zoe’s parents. We looked throughout the dazzling decorations and gifts, headed out the back to look at the Christmas trees. There was some discussion on is it too big? Did anyone measure the height?

One was brought and took back to the house. It was considered that a bigger one could have been had. Was it to be taken back? Nope, on the cupboard it went and we had tea and cakes. Eventually I mustered the energy to travel home and went the scenic route back along the A34. There was only one place I wanted to be after swuch a nice weekend and that was back in bed.

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