Sunday, December 16, 2012

T, Tee and more Tea

I woke up and checked my phone, yep the battery was virtually flat and the last comment I made on twitter was “It feels like I’m sleeping with a dyson?” Looking around I actually very nearly was, a yellow one. I have a much needed shower and head downstairs.

For some tea refreshment and some cornflakes with milk, lots of milk. We play a bit of PS3 and await dinner time which was not far away, and neither was the venue.

Off we went down the road to meet Matt and Rosie for a Blossoms Sunday dinner. Not many alcoholic drinks were ordered. In fact the biggest pot of tea came ever.

Zoe got a game out Sobek, which took a lot of rereading the rules, as apparently Alan and Zoe had played it before, but I’m guessing here either once or under the influence of something other than tea.

Now this game I liked nearly as much as the Sunday dinner we had (no photo for some reason guessing it was gone quick!) Note photo added later.

Zoe went to great lengths to explain how to play the game. At some point though I knew I’d pick it up later and fell asleep….

Anyway Sobek was actually a really really good game that not only did I like a lot but was good at, somehow, although I didn’t win, somehow. Needles to say that Matt decided that going to the tipp before it closed was far more important than hanging around the pub?

And so we left the pub in the dark! Headed around Alan and Zoë's to watch Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs whilst eat veggie pizza. All in all a very very nice weekend. It was a shame to go home but as I was to find out my body needed some real proper sleep.

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