Monday, December 10, 2012

Temperature Control

With the air con fan running flat out, and the car sounding like a jet plane, it was time to try changing the temperature sensor. Problem is the electric air con fan runs flat out as soon as you turn the ignition key.

So off came the undertray and the sensor was located at the bottom right of the radiator.

Disconnect the electrical plug on the sensor.

To remove the sensor the C clip requires to be removed. You will need a flat blade screw driver to push it out.

Pull the sensor out and catch the coolant in a bucket. Make sure you remove the old rubber o-ring.

Here is the old sensor. Going a bit manky.

Clean to hole, put the new o-ring in and push the sensor in hard.

Next put the C clip back in and ensure it is holding the sensor in via the slots.

Refill the coolant and check it not leaking. Then put the undertray back on

Next put the ignition key in the car and find out the bloody fan still comes on flat out. Erm time to look at the relays.


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