Monday, December 24, 2012

The Coven Christmas Eve Social Evening

Christmas Eve came, and with little else to do now we awaited the turn up of Les. Some ten minutes turned into about an hour and half. Not that this was a problem. My brother was round and we were playing on the PS3. When Les turned up we had a bit to eat.

It was then time for the tradition Christmas Eve Social Evening to start. We left he house and headed to the nearest public meeting building, otherwise know as The Rainbow.

Les texted Greenie and we got a couple of sociable drinks in.

We sat around milling over the pints until Greenie turned up and joined us. Not wanting to wait around here to long, as we had so much love to share we left to head to the next venue.

The Fox and Anchor.

Greenie got some drinks whilst me and Les went searching for some seats.

We found the only two available, and whilst they weren’t great seats they did have there benefits.

You could order at the bar from where we were sitting. I think that about covers it.

Where’s the Fox I pondered. The otheres must have been talking about footie I guess.

On offer was also Mulled wine and Mulled Cider. Now that brought back memories of the week before.

And so we had Martini Rosso with ice lemon and orange.. Nicely done and very festive.

At some point we all agreed we were ready for the long walk to the Four Ashes. Were we all really ready for the walk though.

Now I’m not sure if anyone had ever checked how log it takes to get from the Anchor to the Ashes but on this occasion it was facebooked.

And shockingly it took 37mintues!

Surely not? One thing was for sure. Beardy had missed right out on that one. Mind we needed not to forget to walk around the puddle and straight tot he toilets then.

Inside the Ashes it was smart and Festive enough.

We took the traditional corner up although now unable to fill it.

A couple of pints and two bags of scratchins Greenie was happy.

Not all the decorations here seemed so festive.

Les hears the Karaoke is coming at eight at which point he wants to leave. After all he doesn’t want to hear anyone sing any better than he can.

Beardy, Gaz and Sarah turn up whilst Greenie is given his marching orders to go home. Before we move on ourselves we have a Rosso and laugh to ourselves that it is probably still the bottle that they had to dust off from last year. Not such a long walk to the Harrows then.

Gaz seems impressed with the all together smarter Harrows. But doesn’t go for any real beer. For him and Sarah though did still have a tap for the Carling.

We chat merrily for god knows how long and I think I forgotten that really we are meant to finish in the Rainbow.

However someone remembers and so more exercise we get.

And at some point we decide to go home.

There is some tucker waiting for us when we get in, a festive fest and half. And whilst we eat I ponder what Santa will bring me but I would never have guessed….

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