Friday, December 07, 2012

The Turkey Deserved it

It was the night we all get together around Christmas for a meal. Yep the 12 days of Christmas have not even started and yet we are going out for a Christmas meal. Gaz arrange for the 3 Hammers golfing complex to sort us out, with a quick drink or two in the Anchor first.

I was sitting opposite Fatboy, and whilst the starters came out I pondered if I had ordered the soup or not. The most obvious thing for me to have ordered would have been a prawn cocktail, but was it on the list in the first place. Gaz handed over the full booking list, and yes I wasn't having soup I was having a prawn cocktail, turkey dinner and Christmas pudding, how could I forget.

I want wine, I want wine, someone was thinking but it wasn’t Sara on this occasion. The dinners were served and we all munched merrily along to the southing tunes of Christmas jingles in the background.

When I looked across at Fatboy I questioned if he had finished. Yes. Well what about the lovely vegetables? Aren't you going to eat any of them. Nope The turkey deserved it the vegetables didn’t?

Ermm one ponders and put his knife and fork in the correct position to show theyb had finished their dinner.

More wine was served, I had a Grolsch or two and maybe a wine and changed seats incase Fatboy ever thought I deserved it too.

For me the thing with these nights is there over too quick. You get to relax in the company you like but before you know it

its all over.

And so it was time to get home safely…

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