Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thirteen Bee

Back in September I brought a ticket for Jack Dee. By the accident that I came across knowing he was on at the Civic, the tickets must have all sold apart from this one. I considered do I want to go on my own and then thought yep it will make a nice night out anyway. The ticket came and I thought well this must be behind a pillar or something we’ll just have to wait and see.

I got a lift into work this morning and decided to get to Wolvo on the train. Off I went to the station to discover two things. A the ticket office was closed and B at 17:19 there is a direct train from work to Wolvo. I got on the train without a ticket trusting an inspector would come and I could buy one. Nope. So at Brum I got off and headed to get a ticket. Notably the gate man was not to happy about the fact I didn’t have a ticket, and advised the ticket office was closed. OKay then you need to go a buy one from over by the information desk there. Sorted, and back down to the platforms to get another train, The Virgin Express to Wolvo. It would appear that nearly everyone on this train actually wanted to get off at Brum, mind you this Virgin Express did terminate at Wolvo and why would you want to go there? Now not travelling by train often causes me to ponder peoples actions and behaviour, afterall the train was terminating at Wolvo so why do people get out of there seats in advance of the train stopping? Its not as though its going to shoot off without them getting off. I casually leave the train and head off into the bitter cold and rainy Wolvo, where I head to Jivan’s Balti House for tea.

One instant Cobra later I notice that they are trying to catch me out with a new menu and that they have started to redecorate. The lovely blueness I have came so custom to is changing to a bright white and red theme with new working light shades (this is a classy place you know).

The waitress has also seemed to realise that I have two regular meals now, the curry type and the non curry type. Tonight she magically new I wanted 2 poppadum's (although I must have been given at least 5) the sauces, a large chicken sizzler, no chips no salad and a lovely lovely nan. The chief came out and said hello and then went back into to cook my meal, I guess. Two pints off cobra and I was well gone and I struggled to eat all this food to be honest. My belly was full.

Off I went to the Civic in the pouring rain. Through the entrance and to the bar, pondering if I really needed another beer. I decided just one for the show would be fine. Off I went up the stairs to the balcony to find my seat 13B. And to my surprise I couldn’t have chosen a better seat if I’d had the choice. Even better was the 4 people in front of me didn’t even take their seats until the second half, at which point I’d gone to get a pint of lemonade to sober up a bit. Only the pop machine was broken. I had a pint off water instead.

So was Jack Dee any good? Well he was a miserable

git all night.

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