Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter Wassale 2012

I arrive to find a not so merry Alan and Zoe, something about over doing last night and them not actually being up long. Thankgod they felt just like me! Steph, Matt and Keith were in the mood though. I sat in the corner being fed Chinese and making a mad hat to wear.

We go to the Blossoms for pint as the taxis are going to be a while, but then we get there so are the taxi’s and so its straight off to Stockport Market place for The Wassal Beer Festival

Oddly though Alan seems to have not brought enough tickets??? He allows us to go in while he waits until the organiser arrives to sort him out another.

We get started once every one is in and we have  bench to sit on.

The beers flow.

And the knights seem to win the costume competition.

So the official photographer get some piccs

Never the merrier.

Someone makes the suggestion that perhaps we shouldn’t go home just yet. And so its over to the Vaults.

Nack don’t have the strongbow what ever you doooooooooo.

There's a band on. It is awesome. I believe anyway.

And the they do an on cur.

Alan decides enough is enough and calls a taxi, no I need a taxi now, you don’t understand he’s had two pints of strongbow and is out of control.

And before you know it …….

We are sitting in Alan and ZoĆ«'s living room enjoying His and Hers, for some reason starting half way through, then from the beginning and then I’m being told Nack I think its bed time mate.


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