Friday, June 21, 2013



From work I head into Brum and its a lovely evening for a walk around before getting the bus

Which I catch at the top of Broad Street.

When I get to Harborne High Street I get off and walk towards Poades house. Who would park like this I ponder?

Inside I get to play with Hattie and Izzy for a while.

We have scrumptious tea made by Mr Poade and then await the arrival of Alan and Zoe.

Once they have settled in we are off for a walk to the New Inn and some games, the first one being with Zoe’s always in the bag ping pong ball.

Then out with Japiur

Followed by a few beers. Befroe you new it is was 11:45 pm and my taxi came.

He took me to new New Street Station and told me where the entrance was. I was greated not by anybody at the cash desk but by about 20 machines. Not one of them smiled. I finger the screens and ponder how from here am i meant to know if its going to be a Virgin Train or not. Having been on it before and it not I decide to go for the slightly high fare. The group of cleaners come over and ask if everything is alright. They ask which train I’m catching and one pipes up “ I don’t think that service runs anymore, it stopped last week. I’ll go and check for you” She comes back and confirms it is running to her surprise. To mine there is no cheap £2 fare the old block used to give me at the desk and there seems no way of arguing with the machine. I put my bank card in and it gets rejected! How wonderfull. Luckily I have £5 in cash and head down to the platform.

The Virgin train comes and I love to enjoy a slow midnight train to Wolverhampton – where this train will terminate. Safe to fall asleep then.

Once in Wolvo I could help but resist. Nope not another beer.

But a midnight chick tikka sizzler snack in Jivans along with a nan and cobra.

From here I get a taxi home and feel a hell of a lot lighter in the wallet.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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