Friday, June 28, 2013

I Don’t Know Why I’m Here Either

Today I have been for my contact lenses check up. Oddly I know why I’m here, but I’m unsure that they do. I just expecting them to recheck my sight and the fit of the lenses. But no We get a full eyeball examine and no sight check with them in. What we do get is a though history taking and then some questions including the “do you Swim in your contact lenses?” Yes I do, and yes I wear goggles and yes I take them straight out and yes I use the hydrogen peroxide clean solutions to clean them immediately. I still get a lecture and should my eyes go sore after to go straight to hospital. So reassuring.

So the contact lens optician does seem to know what annual contact lenses are?? And yes I clean them everyday. And no I havn’t come to check up in the past because I never get problems once they are fitted correctly. They they want to put some dye in my eyes, you want me to take out my contact lenses?, yes and then put my glasses on, no one told me to bring my glasses, just to wear my contact lenses for a couple of hours before coming in. So after the dye test examination they have to wash my eyeballs really well so I can put my contact lenses back in, which is real nice actually. Then comes the end when they want me to pay as I’m not a monthly prescription, however I have the contact service lens agreement and I can have as many check ups as I like when I like, its included. Is it? What is this agreement? Yep only me and two other staff members know what it is, and only one of them is here and doesn’t know what it covers actually covers, they just know I’m the one customer that has it. More to the point they can’t find it listed on the computers. I wished I’d brought the piece of paper with me. So what else does it cover then, discounts on glasses, free new prescriptions in the 12 months, half price contact lenses. And how much do we charge you for that? £35 quid. Which when one of my £130 lenses gets lost pays for its self. Wow that is good. I’m eventually told I can leave when I like, and I leave them scouring at the PC.

And so to work and ready to go to the Lakes at 5pm


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