Saturday, June 22, 2013

Maddies Birthday Night Out

I head up to the Poades after sorting out the towbar. nowhere to park I plumb for there 60 degree vertical drive.

Luckliy for the slug I missed him by inches.

Poade comes out, “are you really parking it there? Does your handbrake work thet well?” “ we will see I reply”

We head off to Harborne Circle, and the local super mini market come corner shop which isn’t a corner shop but does contain everything you need. I note it to memory in case I’m ever passing. On the walk we go to the Harborne Bowling Green

We also visit the Pool of More Pool Avenue. From here we all meet up and head towards Valantinos, Maddy wearing her kinky boots. Along the way one of Maddies friends joins us and we go to the Plough for a beer before the meal.

By the time we come out it is dark. Zoe tells me its meant to big an extra big moon tonight. I look up into the nights sky.

Doesn’t it look nice with the clouds like that

Strike a pose

Ah some flesh and no legs, nice.

In the pub we discuss our phones, and whilst I’m not looking Poade types on my facebook page Porn. I knew I liked him and within seconds of having the phone back I was contacted.

So funny, I wonder why I liked his company so much, ah yes to see how long I can keep him up until.

There comes a time when we are asked to leave the pub, not because of our behaviour, nope, because of the time. And so we wander the cool air back to Poades while I wait my carriage home.


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