Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh My

Well my first day back after getting a year older and I decided to clean my desk up. Yep I though it was wood coloured.

The cleaner is in for a shock tonight! Something else to polish!

And whilst the desk was clean we took a photo shoot to put on facebook. Now you will notice that blue mug in my hand. Now there aren't that many of theses mugs in the world from Grundfos, and I only got one as I moaned I wasn’t buying any more of their pumps until I got a mug. S what you might think, but Grundfos don’t give mugs out. They just don’t do them. So when Christmas came and the rep brought in a box, he said Andy you will be happy you don’t know how much trouble getting these done has been. And so here we have a stash of French Blue Grundfos Mugs. I also got a pen which fell apart and I had to ring up their customer services about. Even more rare though is the silver folder, the holy grail folder, and I’ll be honest that isn’t mine! Anyway Iwant to make it clear I don't accept brides

of any knid Winking smile

And no I brought these pens myself.

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