Friday, June 28, 2013


After last times shenanigans coming tot he Lake District this time I prebooked. Which when we where driving up from the Midlands actually looked to be a bad thing. The weather was dreadful, pouring rain and the traffic at a constant standstill until after Manchester. If you thought we were late last time we were going to be later this time. As we approached junction 35 though the clouds lifted and the sun was out, we could see the mountains in the background and things looked good. As we were heading to the north side of the Lakes and we were running late I decided to head to junction 40 and keep the speed up. I hoped this would be quicker but as we passed junction 36 the satnav time changed. It didn’t look better afterall.

We arrive and I go to the pub to check in and I’m sent to the reception which is still open, are they expecting me this time. There is no full sign up and when we get to the field it is quiet empty. We are warned of the badgers again and quickly get the tent up. While we have brought the bigger car the only extra stuff I have brought is 2 pillows instead of one and a larger sleeping bag – hopefully I wont be cold tonight!

Once up we go to the pub and

get out the plan of attack for tomorrows walk with my brother. He seems disinterested. Tomorrow he won’t be when we get up there though!

Then its off to bed…..


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