Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The smallest bag in the world

Well soon I will be flying off for a long weekend away. However we are not taking baggage nope. We are taking hand luggage only. Great I thought, how am I going to get my wardrobe in a small bag. So off I go to buy such a bag, only if you check the Monarch Airways website you will find that their Cabin bag size is smaller than their competitions! Yes 2 cm smaller – the buggers. Mind on a scheduled flight you can take 10Kg’s! Believe me its massive as if your on a charted flight its only 5Kg! So you can flick through all those catalogues and think you have one the right size but you don’t! Ebay comes to the rescue and the bag in question has come. And when I say bag – it is infact a backpack!

Gulp I’m going to be wearing a lot of cloths on that flight!

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