Monday, June 24, 2013

You might think


You might think this is a post about me fitting my birthday present from my dad. And no he didn’t get me these reversing sensors although if you want a set click the above photo.

What he got me was one of these, a towbar for my Skoda (if you to know which one click the picture above). I know presents at this age are so exciting. And being so busy I have had to squeeze getting this fitted in with my dad’s help.

Well to get the towbar on, the rear bumper has to come off completely first. And whilst we were at this point, I considered the fact the cars computer has been telling me that 2 of the reversing sensor on my Skoda Superb are playing up. I’d brought a set of cheapo £12 sensors from ebay, just in case I was going to get any more trouble, after paying £130 for the last sensor I brought from the dealer. So whilst the bumper was off I decided to see if they would fit.

And as long as you also remove the socket the sensor fit in they do fit. In fact they are pretty much a perfect fit. No cutting of new holes required Wonderful

I redid the wiring which was a cinch of removing the original wiring and feed the new wires in locating the new box of tricks below the the drivers side rear light cluster. Having tested them they work perfectly.

And here was my test at parking! BEEEEEEEEP


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