Friday, July 26, 2013



The last Friday of every month is Mufti day. And this month we have decided to go for a beer from work. This is great as actually I’m not at work in the office in the morning so I have to wear suitable attire to visit the client. I get to use the companies Hocus Pocus which amazingly for a petrol car I get to do 46MPG. Why would you have a over complicated modern diesel car when you can acheieve this. Well perhaps because there must be a 1litre engine under the bonnet maybe. Well that what it feels like.

When I get in the office there is a air of happenies and relaxation going on that you normally don’t see. One of the staff is even wearing shorts to show off “some” leg. Not much but some!

And on that patch of some he has drawn a face!

Its not long until we are we are the Swan and Mitre in Aston. A pub that once you are in you never leave, even if you didn’t want to come in, in the first place. Here they have the

very rare Brew XI. And my do I like it.

In fact a little too much. Well a lot actually. This dish water is great in its own way. I announce that we have been in the pub for 1 hour 50 minutes and we should really think of moving onto the centre of Birmingham.


We climb the stair to the station some of us to get a ticket, some us don’t need a ticket, some of us are hoping we don’t need a ticket and some of us who decide to use the new auto ticket machine installed. The Journey is £1.90 to Brum. I ponder what it is from here to Wolvo, ah £2.20 return. Now that will be usful and take advantage of this ticket. Even if I need another I’d only have wasted 30 pence.

when you pop out the stations new entrance we were “forced” towards the Shakespare.

Here we drank more beers, me I drank Engine Oil.

Then we moved on and drank yet more! And then the sillyness started, everyone got a Jagar Bomb. Gulp.

Next was samboucas 1 –2 -3


Right whos round next?

Well for me it was time to leave, hey look at the time I get to get a train home, and I wasn’t out to get legless on shorts, I’ve got somewhere to go tomorrow. Well there’s another one on the bar for you before you go.

I shouldn’t have had it but I did.

When I walked into the entrance of the new station, all brightly lite, one thing went through my mind – I god I’m truly drunk.

Somehow I made it into Jivans, And I completely confused them, yep I’d been to work and nope I didn’t want a chicken sizzler, and no I don’t want beer I want water lots of water more water…

The night came to an end and in the morning I thought of two things, hell I’m hung over, and how did I get in I don’t seem to have my keys!


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