Friday, July 12, 2013

Bird House In My Soul


Friday at work I go for the big breakfast and this as it happens turns out to be a good thing.

From work I head up to Stockport. The train to Manchester from the close station leaves at 19:08 and I get there at 19:00. I park up and run to the station and manage to catch the train. Now really as I don’t know my way round Manchester that well I want to end up in Manchester Oxford Road, but no this train only goes to Piccadilly. Worse is that Google Latitude has been deleted and Google Maps. I can get Maps back but Latitude has been abolished by goggle argggg.

By the time I reach the destination I’m ten minutes late, the show has started and they will not let me in. I decide to stay and have a beer in the beer garden as its so warm. Here I note the room that me and Les had once in the Palace Hotel by the river, the beer garden being a balcony over the river.

Eventually Alan and Zoe turn up alone with the delightful Rosie and Brendan, and what was just going to be a casual drink turns into shall we go to F.A.B.

So we do! Now its really hot and I actually love the tunes they play in here, a couple of notable things happen, a group of lads want to have a chat with me about going to the bar, first I think they aren’t happy with my dancing. But in fact they are so enthusiastic about me going to the bar for 20 minutes that they will be buy me a beer to keep me there. Eh? Well they seemed to reckon that I dance well, so well that all the girls were hovering around my location. They really must have been on drugs, anyway we had a good chat and let them get on with it. The second thing I can clearly remember is knocking a full pint out of someone's hand whilst throwing my arms around widely and on the up lift I whacked their drink flying in the air past their face, up to the ceiling, then it coming straight down as we both watched it, and it smashing a zinga on the floor. Lots of glass lots of wetness. The chap though was happy with a polite oooh sorry and I get ya a replacement.

Eventually the club end with a last frantic dance to They Might Be Giants – Bird House In My Soul. We head into Manchester to get a cab, but instead go into a shop for a soft drink and then get on the 192 back to Stockport, otherwise know as the Happy Bus, as we get on the second floor there is a smell of happiness in the air and lots of people smiling. Can’t think why but there was. I consider the fact that I havn’t eaten for a long long time.

And so at 4am its time to get undressed and curl up. We are going camping today arn’t we????


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