Friday, July 19, 2013


I arrived at Stockport in anticipation of going to some “squat”. However the plans are changing and

we hewad to the garden to relax with a beer and play Ingenuous. Alan teaches me how to play, but doesn’t teach me that well as he wins!

From here we move to the Hope pub, where it is really quiet, it would appear everyone has gone to that squat nodoubt.

And its time for another new game. Tschank! I can’t even say it.

Lets face it not only was I good at this game I was utterly brilliant. Which I guess is why we stopped playing it.

Alan took my to Tasty fish instead, where the “chief” took a good 20 minutes to produce me a tray of chips. Alan was produced chips in twenty seconds. Must be my acent or something.

Eventually back in the house we decide to put a movie on

Dark Star, all I can say is my blinking got longer and longer until it wasn’t just me asleep on the sofa it was all of us.

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