Saturday, June 29, 2013

Conquering Hellvellyn

As usual there are many photos. And imparticular there are many wonderful photos which aren’t shown on this post. If you want to see them click the photo above.

Saturday morning and we awake, not to sunshine though. A cool morning and I head off for a shower bright and early.

For breakfast we have muesli and some sausage, Cumbrian of course

Well I egg my brother on to get ready. Not that I’m eager but I want to get a parking space.

We arrive at Glenriding and get tot the car park. If I thought £6 was expensive for parking last time we came up here this time its £7! I ponder if we are going to have enough change.

As I said I wanted to get here early to find a space that was long enough. Afterall this is the worlds longest car and

with the bike rack on we needed a space with some greenier behind it.

I head over to pay for the car park, slowly feeding the machine and pondering if I have £7 quid. As I get to £6:70 it decides I have taken too long and spews all the coins back out arghhh. From here I pop into the tourist office and notice a riding book of the lake district. I may come back and get that.

We get our gear on and head out of the back of the car park, having studied the map I know this is the way to go.

Up this road.

past the pub

and onto the tracks. It signed posted so all we need to consider is do we go clockwise or anticlockwise.

I decide on clockwise because that's what I choose. No other reason or advice taken, just because that's the direction I fancy.

We start the climb almost immediately.

and almost immediately my brother is panting and moaning.

So I know he is Okay

You can see he is loving every moment of it. Wait until he gets near the top.

Yes up, up, up brother.

And the climb goes on and on. At least I know where we are going on the map.

Behind us though a wonderful view is emerging.

My brother doesn’t care though and slowly keeps moaning about why is he doing this and who can he get out of it now.

Hold on he has stopped for a rest is this allowed?

We meet a dry wall and follow it along.

He is moving again and not taking any notice of that view. Its why we are here.

We have yet another break and sit by this chap enjoying the peace. Well until I try and start a conversation with him.

I push on and my brother follows.

Just look at the view here, wonderful.

Yes unbelievable, my brother though doesn’t think so. What's that you say?

Can we stop for a rest? Again?

The path winds up the hill

And more views appear on the horizon.

Not this hill an important hill although not at this point. At this point its just there.

A bit further on and Striding Edge comes into view.

But it is miles away yet.

Thats it I’m giving up. You are?

I didn’t agree to this. Yes you did in the pub last night.

We reach the “hole in the wall” clearly marked on the map as such.

and obviously worth a pose.

Worryingly the cloud is falling over Helvellyn. I hope my brother doesn’t notice.


He does.

Theres no way I’m going up there he states.

Bollocks to you, we’ll be alright. We have walked this far, the fun is yet to start.

See look at all those people.

Now thats where we are going.

My brother isn’t keen but the cloud is beginning to lift from Striding Edge itself.

Come on lets get to it.

Er I’m really not sure about this.

Get your ass up here, its mental.

Thats the way to go over the edge of the ridge.

Why do I go through with these things.

We’ll be fine

Come on, what does he find so hard?

What ever you do don’t look down!

Or down here either.

Onwards we go.

Well I do and he follows slowly

Notibly the cloud lifts some more and his pace increases.

In fact he tells me how much he is enjoying this section of scrabbling around.

Peeky Boo.

Come this way

King of the castle


So the clouds gone then.

Yes so no need to cling on.

That's the way up, still plenty of distance to go

and so we keep clambering upwards

Yes I’m so glad we did this now.

Why don’t you have a rest and I’ll read my book “More Tree To Climb”

Yep were are on the move again.

guess what….

If you look back it looks great.

Have we really come that far?

Why couldn’t we have taken that easier path rather than walking along the top ridge?

Where are you taking us now?


Don’t kill yourself brother. Its too far to drag you down.

Nice thought.

How much further is Helvelyn then?

I must be mad.

This is getting harder.


Look at this wickkkkkkeeeed

right one last push and we will be at the top.

So this chap wanted his photo taking and asked my brother. Oh what I mistake but from here the view back over the walk was great. So I kindly took a picture of him, on his own camera as well of course.

Guess what.

The top is in sight.

Da darrrrrr

oh boy what a view. Thankgod all that cloud lifted.

hold on the top is all the way over there.

And so we start walking again.

Only this isn’t the top either!

Haha the top is over there

And so more waling involved at least it is flat.

Now you see this guy. He is either alseep or


However its time to get that top of mountain view pose.

Then I decided to wake the dead person up and ask if he would take a photo of me and my brother. A rare occasion.

And with that the weather changes and we are off to Swiral Edge whihc starts at this cairn.

Were going down how exciting.

Down there.

Let gravity take us.

Easier said than done though.

Part way down we have a rest.

and I make some sandwhiches. So yummy. Cheese with more cheese.

Once refuelled we are off.

Come on brother think pub think beer.

Yes I know there is a simple path but that would be no fun would it.

Look down this valley. That looks lush.

Look some kind of bridge.

Now do you remember that other hill. Well at the edge of this ridge is that hill.

And yes I’ve decided we are going up there too.

No of the following the easy path though, oh no.

We go the hard made up route. And oddly we get followed!

Eventually we ended back up on the path.

And back upwards we headed.

Nearly at the peak brother get a move on.

Yay look look another great veiw.

da dah…..

The good news is its all down hill from here. Admittedly very down hill.

Feel the gravity.

It would be better if we were following some kind of path.

We’ll be alright

Eventually at the bottom of that very steep slope

We get to that bridge and

after gazing into the pool

Take a well earned rest.

You do know its miles that way don’t you. Yeah but we are on our own in this valley. Let find that…


Doesn’t look too picturesque from here.

Looks very concrety. Why is there no water here?

Erm now that ugly.

Hold on what's that?

One big hole.

And I was going to stand on that. Erm It doesn’t look so good now.

Come on there a lot of plodding to do.

An awful lot of plodding.

Have I ever told you I don’t like walking?


Yes today, er yeah a thousand time.

Look a classic John Deer to take your mind off things.

Mind the cattle grid.

And the path goes on and on.

Ah the car park is this way.

and so it is

We go in the tourist office and empty it. The mountain bike book has gone but there is another and so get that. After that we head to the shops.

I’ve been recommended that if passing I should go in this shop.

I can’t think why?

A few beer bottles heavier and we are in the camp site

I park up and unload.

What can I say we prepare to make dinner.

And its all going well.

For starters Venison stew.

no this isn’t a liquid dinner.

Well the cooking is taking some time.

In go the fat free burgers

Hold on just how much are we drinking?

And then there was four.

The weather changes and the clouds are falling down the hills around us.

Away from the cooker its getting cold too.

Now where did I put that bacon?

Oh yeah in the pot.

Will we be able to see soon?

And as I told my brother it is usually better not to watch me cook, especially in a feild, it will only put you off your dinner.

Making it look good

Da Dahhhhhh, Cheese & Bacon Burger baps.

all that's needed now is a cup of tea.

Right its now cold theres only one thing for it.

Another walk

to the pub were it is so warm, we may never leave!

So I read the mountain bike book we have, decide a plan of action for tomorrow and then write some cards and

and have some Wainwright beer.

Eventually though they stop serving and we have to get in bed so cossy. Rob can you hear that wind outside!!!!!

I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: 29/06/2013 09:51 Activity type: - Description: - Total distance: 16.68 km (10.4 mi) Total time: 6:35:32 Moving time: 6:11:01 Average speed: 2.53 km/h (1.6 mi/h) Average moving speed: 2.70 km/h (1.7 mi/h) Max speed: 23.00 km/h (14.3 mi/h) Average pace: 23.71 min/km (38.2 min/mi) Average moving pace: 22.25 min/km (35.8 min/mi) Fastest pace: 2.61 min/km (4.2 min/mile) Max elevation: 1009 m (3310 ft) Min elevation: 0 m (0 ft) Elevation gain: 1161 m (3809 ft) Max grade: 9 % Min grade: -683 % Recorded: 29/06/2013 09:51


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