Sunday, July 14, 2013

Looking around


I get up the next morning, all is tranquil about from the deep snoring.

I go to have a wash but don’t have a shave. Well I don’t want yet more uncontrollable blood. Not having a shave though always makes me feel like I haven't had a wash. Anyway it would appear that the airbed stayed up and I had a really good nights sleep.

The others eventually rise, we have some special K and pack our things up.

With the car loaded Alan goes for a

walk over the bridge to watch the river crossing

Luckily he catches it on film.

As we move along the road though there is a scrapping noise. Oh no something's no right!

Something has come unattached under the car.

I remove a boulder from within the tray and ponder how to get the rest of it off as its broken in half.

It means unpacking the car to get at my jack of all trades multi tool, which while I know where it is, its right at the back of the boot. With the aid of the man in the house next to where we have parked up I get to work to remove it completely.

Car packed back up onwards we go

although I’m not entirely sure where they are directing us too.

As we pass the Rhug Estate Alan and Zoe want to go in and see the amazing products that they had seen on a previous visit.

I get three sausage specialty sausage rolls, blacking pudding, dragon and non standard standard. While I was looking up and down the meat counter I thought about asking the butcher if they had a vegetarian one, and then realised that would just be stupid.

From there we went to Llangollen, or near by. We were looking for some waterfalls which didn’t seem to exisist in reality.

We did however get to see the steam train pull in the station and chuff its way out.

I couldn’t quiet understand why there was a need for these yellow lines? If you parked on the bridge that would block it, are people that stupid? Consideration was put into our heads of where were these waterfall. Surely from here we should be able to see where they are.

After all there was a dam good view.

I’m not sure but this may have been a clue.



The evocative ruins of Valle Crucis Abbey lie in green field just round the corner, sharing camping next to it.

It is baking hot and for some of us


We wonder the ruins in admiration of their beauty

until it all gets too much for some.

Zoe reads from the guide book and educates us in the ways of the world back in the Abbys more prosperous years.

Alan loves being educated by the wiser of them

I roll over and at this point unknowingly say goodbye to my phone.

Is Nack dead?

Matt can’t take anymore of this excitement


and climbs on what he is not meant to be climbing on.

Alan goes into hiding in the bushes

whilst I wonder around the stones

erm we should have brought loads more at the Rhug Estate and had a picnic.

erm the bricks here look in good nick.

Inside the arched brickwork is delightful.

From a far far corner I get a lovely view of the scene.

Whilst we continue to wander a lady comes up asks if by any chance we have lost a phone. No? we say and then I can't feel it in my pocket. Oh No I’ve lost it. Well some one has handed it into the ticket office. Oh tanks and off I go to hopefully rescue it. Luckily the Motorola Razr-i is a phone most people have never heard of and is therefore not that desirable. The chatty chap in the ticket office hands it over to me saying well you don’t appear to be a girl in a blue hat.

Panic over we are back taking photos of things we don’t understand

and of things we do understand.

Now that chatty chap in the ticket office has a great view from his toilet come office. You have to check it out.

We prize ourselves from the excitement of the Abbey to go and meet Jerd and Caroline at Chirk Castle.

They have a nice long drive, we park up and sit around for a moment so that 3 of us can enjoy a sausage roll each.

Once in the ticket office I decide that we are coming to so many of these places that its time to become a member.

They are so excited by this, and when I say they I mean the ticket office girls.

Alan Zoe and MAtt look in the shops whilst they sort me out.

And then its the long walk up to the Castle itself.

Waiting patiently at the gate is Jerds and Caroline, and the gate keeper.

after being thoroughly examined by the gate keeper we are allowed in.

I think this is the entrance


For some reason Matt thinks the ceiling is far more interesting than the artefacts.

As we wonder we play find the teddy bear.

Where can it be in this room?

Jerds have seen the teddy bear?

Ah there it is. Wait a minute is there one in every room. If so we’ve missed one.

We backtrack into the prevous room and ask the assistant, “Teddy bears, ah thats all I get asked about is those bloomin teddy bears.”

There was one in there though.

The wandering continues.

Da dar the great hall.

I wander if anyone would notice if I just took this with me.

A magnificent chest.

Alan come and see this chest

ohh so delicate.

wow, real wow


Then there was another, this one open to view.

Whilst Zoe and Alan read all about it

we move into the chapel.

where it is nice and cool

and relaxing.

I even find the teddy bear.

WE move slowly from room to room

to library with many very old books.

and finaly the sitting room with

views out over the gardens.

We end up back outside

and with all that excitement I relax on the grass once more.

This is it then, this is goodbye.

Now we go and check out the unlived in bit of the castle.

namely the dungeon.

Its real dark in here, with only this tiny sun light coming through this tiny hole.

Nice view of the center courtyard

And we take a moment so Alan and Zoe can get dressed up!

Well this room is nice and white. Now why would that be?

And into the servants mess area.

For the well behaved only.

Whilst we are here it would be rude not to see the gardens, Matt do you want to see the gardens?

Well obviously Alan does.

oh no he’s just seen a bench.

Can we take this with us? It would look good in my living room.

The flowers were out, the aromas to go with them

and the peace and tranquilty once more of being on your own.

So this is the staue you can see in the distance. He’s wearing nowt!

I hide in the bushes waiting for the others to come.

I’ve now idea it was this exciting a place to come to considers Matt.

I think he is try to tell us something.

“So Matt did you enjoy it” asks Alan.

So whats the plan now then???? I’m going to take you to - Pistyll Rhaeadr - Wales' highest waterfall, an enchanting natural temple nestling in the Berwyn Mountains in Wales. – you’r going to love it.

Sometime latter we park up in the cafe car park. Its £3 quid to park and off I go to the cafe to pay. Erm the doors are shut? So I went round the back and there was a door open with a chap inside. I tell him I want to pay the car park charge and he advises that at this time of the night just to leave a donation in the box by the path.

So we got and look at the waterfall.

And I disappear to see how far up I can climb it.

you hoo Zoe

Obviously cooling her feet off.

Whilst some other are cooling off, I wonder if completely?

I was surprised at the amount of water falling considering the hot period we have had for such a long time.

Right then shall we go and see it from the top?

Will it be worth it?

of course it will be worth it.

This better be worth it

I can’t wait

Look at the view. Then we bump into a girl from Wolverhampton. A girl who isn’t racist but then went on to say some racist things!

Could you believe it? Nack don’t go too near the edge.

Matt I’m experienced in don’t get to near the edge activates.

This is as close to the edge as I’m getting.

The view is better this side.

terrifyingly so.

Its a long way down.



there goes the drums

There’d thousands of miggies here

Nack literally there are thousands of miggies.

and its hot.

Ah the veew, goodbye

and off we set

as the sun begins its decent in the distance

Down hill yeah

Remind never to follow Nack up a hill.

back at the carpark we pass a sign that says the car park closes at 6pm. Ohh we didn’t even arrive until after then, whats the time now 8:30pm. The chap who was in the building before was there waiting for us to leave and as we did he closed the gate and followed us out. And so the day came to an end with a drive back to Stopckport…….



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